Our Missions


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The First MissionWe believe that the first mission is our mission for customers to bring products which have been widely used in developing countries with a good quality and also give them to a modern service with an affordable.

The Second MissionOur mission to staffs and workers who are working in Dong Lam company with safe working conditions , satisfactory salary and some other benifits of our company.To create opportunities for advancement for those who qualify and each one must be considered based on their dignity and their capacity.

The Third Mission:For the management team of the company, they are talented, ethical, experienced and capable. They must be people who know and are supposed to behave normally.

The Fourth MissionA mission to the community is a company which not only creates a lot of jobs for the society, but also is the ideal environment for future engineers, vocational students to work, learn and practice.

The final mission: An mission to the shareholders, the business must be profitable stability, sustainability, preparation of the reserves, conduct research and make up for the mistakes, lack errors to develop the branch, looking for new work. When all this is done, the shareholder will receive adequate income.