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Plumbing system

Posted on: August 21st, 2013 by lithaco


Water is an integral part of life. Please contact Donglin corp to get a supply system, drainage tech, cheap and convenient.

Construction of water supply system

1. Direct water supply system

– Water: surface water or groundwater
– Pump Station Project receivables + Level 1: collect and pump up water from the treatment plant
– Stations of: clean water source quality satisfactory use
– Level 2 Pumping Station: take the treated water from the clean water tank to consumer network
– Water tower: Air traffic between the pumping station and network 2 Consumer
– Network of Transmission and Distribution: Level 1 includes transmission networks, distribution networks and network level 2 level 3 connected to the supply pipe to the house.


2.The requirements for a water supply system:

– To ensure adequate and continuous take necessary water to the consumer where.
– To ensure that the water quality meets the requirements of use
– The cost of building and managing low
– Construction and management easy and convenient, capable of automation and mechanization of harvesting, handling and transportation of water ..

Installation of sewerage systems

Drainage systems is a collection of tools, pipes and drainage works carried out 3 functions: collection, transport and treatment of waste water before discharge into the source


1. Sorting wastes

Based on the nature and origin, wastewater is classified into three main categories:
– Wastewater: After being used for the purpose of personal activities such as cooking, washing, flushing the WC … the wastewater has many organic contaminants as well as germs. This is called sewage.
– Wastewater production: the waste water is discharged after the production process technology, composition, nature and pollution levels vary depending on the type of industry, raw materials and operating regulations .
– Rain water contamination: after heavy rains, water gets in, flowing on surface streets, roofs residential and industrial zones. Urban storm water unhealthy as rural should also be considered a form of wastewater.
– Urban waste water: waste water is discharged from the process of production and living.

2. The sewerage systems wastes


Sewer is a combination that works, equipment and technical solutions to sewerage. Based on the transport of waste water public or private can have the kind of sewer follows:
– General drainage system.
– Private Sewer.
– Sewer own half.
– Heterogeneous systems.


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